Art at All Saints

Since the fire of 2000, there has been a history of collaboration with art and artists, notably Antonio and Diane Pacitti; and subsequently Ilinca Cantacuzino, our first artist in residence.  Art has found a natural place both in the building and in the spirituality of the life of All Saints.

Some works of art, including sculpture and iconography,
have a permanent home here.

We often host exhibitions and in 2013 enjoyed ‘Dark Fire, White Fire;’ A collaborative installation by three artists Ilinca Cantacuzino, Maria Beddows and Moira Jarvis.

Sara Mark was our artist in residence from September 2014
to December 2015 . The resulting work can be seen here: . Sara has continued to work with All Saints over the next few years to foster engagement and participation.

‘Vernal’ a project involving classical Indian dance and planting wheat. Sara Mark, March 2015

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